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▶Keeps coffee hot and fresh
▶Durable material ideal for commercial use
▶No burnt taste, because the coffee is not sitting on a warmer
▶Prevents coffee from going rancid
▶Typically heavier
▶No sight gauge to see the amount of coffee left





















Quickly brews delicious coffee
Super easy to clean
Very affordable
Extremely durable
Very small and portable
Many brewing methods
▶Very simple to use
Very quick and easy to clean
It only takes about 1:27 (about) to brew a cup of coffee from start to finish
-It gives you the kind of taste you expect from a French Press except without the oils and sludge
Super affordable (You can find it online for as low as $20 if you look hard enough)


















▶ Can make just about any drink you can think of
Built in milk frother
▶Has a number of preset modes
Control the bloom time, water temperature, and flow rate
Simple, yet ▶highly functional
Mimicks the pour over method
▶Maintains perfect water temperature for optimal brewing
Your coffee will ▶stay hot without burning for a good, long time
▶Keeps water at the perfect temperature
Shuts off ▶automatically after brewing
Perfect for those who are on-the-go
▶Multi-stream spray head fully soaks grounds for better taste
▶Always-hot stainless steel water tank, so it’s always ready to brew 






▶Semi-automatic machine
Stainless steel conical burr grinder
▶Semi-automatic machine
LED touch screen
▶5 pre-programmed coffee options
PID ▶temperature control
Stainless steel housing
▶ Pre-infusion cycle
Manual micro-foam milk
▶ texturizing system
Low pressure setting for pre-infusion
Sleek ▶stainless steel design
▶Nespresso compatible
▶Sleek stainless steel design
▶Has 8 coffee options









▶The Moka Pot traces its origins back to Italy.
▶functions very simply and is easy operate
▶classic and sophisticated style of brewing.
▶two important variables: pressure and heat
▶The four main parts that achieve this are the base, the top chamber, the inner funnel, and filter.
▶Using steam pressure to force water through a strainer
▶Moka coffee is a strong, rich, and velvety brew
▶Takes less than 5 minutes to brew on your stovetop
▶High quality polished aluminum in the classic
▶ Bialetti octagon shape
Patented safety valve; ▶Easy to clean and disassemble













▶Touchscreen control panel for ease of brew selection and programming
▶Brew up to mutiple cups of coffee without having to refill the water tank
▶Programmable digital clock allows you to control the brewing time and depth of flavor
▶Can brew iced tea, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as coffee
▶Self-draining water reservoir, making it quick and easy to empty
▶Ideal as an office coffee maker
▶Superior capacity and consecutive brewing time
▶Delivers up to 14 steaming cups of coffee within 30 to 60 seconds
▶Select your desired water temperature, brew strength, and cup size
▶Adjust temperature settings, cup sizes, and carafe sizes
▶Gives you a delicious cup of Joe at the touch of a button
▶Great for brewing newbies






▶Design is very simple
▶Pretty much fool-proof to use
▶Standalone siphon coffee maker
▶Can brew multple cups
▶Has a reusable plastic filter
▶Quick and easy to clean
▶Has a sealed interior
▶The coffee quality is very consistent
▶Made from stainless steel and glass
▶It’s easier to clean and maintain than a traditional cloth filter











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