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AeroPress coffee machines 2020

AeroPress coffee machines 2020

The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler. Coffee is steeped for 10–50 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength). then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the tube. The filters used are either the AeroPress paper filters or disc-shaped thin metal filters. The maker describes the result as an espresso strength concentration of coffee.but its most frequent use is more in the filter brew strength.

The device consists of two nesting cylinders. One cylinder has a flexible airtight seal and fits inside the larger cylinder, similar to a syringe. The cylinders are moulded of polypropylene, tinted a grey colour. The first Aeropresses were moulded of clear polycarbonate, then later of copolyester, clear and later tinted. AeroPress switched to copolyester in 2009 because unlike polycarbonate, copolyester does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). To reassure customers still using the original models, they also claim that testing they performed showed no leaching of BPA into brewed coffee from the polycarbonate.

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