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Electric siphon coffee 2020

Whenever you have noticed one in your favorite little coffee house, or you
have seen pictures that made you bitterly curious. By now most coffee-lovers
have had some brush with the strange-looking apparatus known as a “siphon
coffee maker”. It is that peculiar of glass tubes and burners reminiscent of
Equipment used in sci-fi movies and in your old high school science lab. But
what does this odd looking contraption do, rather than making one look like
some blend of Portland-hipster and mad scientist when you brew with one?
Here is a rundown of the features, history and what to look for when you are in
the market for one of these awesome brew-machines.

Take your coffee brewing to the next level with the siphon coffee maker. Part
art, part science with a dash of gravity-defying magic, this electric vacuum
coffee maker brings a theatrical air to the brewing process. And the results are
truly extraordinary.
The siphon coffee brewing method has long captivated coffee enthusiasts, as it
ensures that all the precious oils are extracted from the coffee beans. The
result is coffee that is deliciously pure in aroma with a light body and heavenly
You can admire the eye-catching brewing process before savoring your coffee.
Plus the process uses an integrated filter, ensuring that it epitomizes “make
taste, not waste”.
Siphon or vacuum coffee maker is a full immersion brew system. That means
instead of boiling the coffee it uses a constant heat source. To create an
internal vacuum that moves the water from one chamber to the next.
One of the main advantages of a vacuum brewer is that the water never
reaches boiling, which causes the coffee to lose some of its most subtle flavors.
With a siphon, once the burner is set the temperature remains constant for the
entire brew-cycle. This full immersion method idea, as the coffee grounds are
all immersed in the water for the same amount of time, with the same amount
of heat, continuously.One of the main advantage of a vacuum brewer is that the water never
reaches boiling, which causes the coffee to lose some of its most subtle flavors.
The design boasts of two glass chambers, one filled with water and the second
with grounds. Heating the lower chamber with the burner cause vapor
pressure to increase. Steam forces the water to rise into the upper chamber
where the coffee grounds await. The water, now mixed with grounds, is pulled
back down through a filter into the lower chamber thanks to gravity (the
vacuum effect) leaving you with tasty, perfectly brewed coffee when it is
finished. It is delicious and it is science!
Main features:
Siphon coffee maker brings the full flavor and aroma of your coffee for
the perfect brew.
 Large 1liter capacity, enough for 8 cups.
 Fully automated vacuum coffee brewing process using precise
temperature control.
 Heat-resistant borosilicate glass funnel that showcases the theatrical
brewing process.
 The jug is constructed from triton that is 100% BPA-free.
 Environmentally friendly integrated filter that reduces waste.
 Warming function to keep coffee at the optimum temperature for up to
30 minutes.
 The handle is made from soft rubber that is comfortable to hold.
 Easy to use and clean.